KML Circle Generator

KML Circle Generator

KML Circle Generator is a small project I built in 2014. It's a simple service that generate circles in KML files. Generated KML files can be used in Google Earth.

This project was deployed to Heroku and keeps running since then. I almost forgot this project until someone asked a question about the generation algorithm of circles. I found the source code of this project in my old Bitbucket account and pushed it to GitHub.

This project was created using Play framework. I made some changes to fix this project.

  • Google Maps requires an API key, so I switched to OpenStreetMap with Leaflet.
  • Google Earth cannot be embedded in the browser, so I removed the preview section.
  • There is an error when deploying to Heroku with CoffeeScript, so I changed to JavaScript.
  • Upgraded to latest Heroku stack 20.

After downloading a KML file from the service, this KML file can be added to Google Earth. See the screenshot below.

KML circle in Google Earth

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